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Open: Daily from 6.30 am to 10.30 pm
Number of Seats: 50 persons

Le Chanthou is indoor restaurant which decorated in traditional Cambodian art blended with a French Colonial style. This signature fine dining restaurant indulges guests in luxury private area featuring western specialties dishes and an extensive wine list. Le Chanthou is most suitable for couples wishing to share romantic candlelight dinner. Guests also can enjoy outdoor dining on the patio overlooking the pool under the stars light.

Green Mango Salad (Nhoam Svay) is a typical side dish popular in Khmer cuisine, where green mango is treated as vegetable. It is combined of shredded mango with smoke fish, fish sauce, sugar and sliced chillies.

Fermented rice made from red grain served with ripe mango. This dessert is recommended to be consumed by adults, as it has a touch of natural fermented alcohol.

Amok is a popular Khmer dish; it is a steamed sliced fish in lightly coconut milk and Khmer spices.

Cambodia has a wealth of fresh fruits on daily offer. Guests can enjoy many tastes of fresh fruit with sweet and juicy to sour taste.


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